Access Control

Accessories such as code pads, intercom systems and access control equipment can also be installed by our experienced team of engineers to provide extra security.

Our range of products includes:

 GSM Easygate Kit

Installation of an Easygate Kit allows you to conveniently open your gate using your mobile phone or with a standard remote control fob. The gate is programmed to the “speed dial” function on your phone which allows the gate to recognize you as an authorized user and open. The advantage of using this system is that you can open your gates from anywhere in the world, whereas a remote control fob will only work up to a maximum of 100 meters.

 GSM with Intercom

This system comes with all the functions of the GSM Easygate Kit with the added function of being able to answer you phone to someone who is at your gate from anywhere in the world.
This system can be programmed with up to 3 different telephone numbers should you wish, ringing the priority programmed telephone number first, and if no one answer then it will ring the second number etc. You can then let visitors into your property by pressing the “speed dial” on your mobile.

 Act5 Key Pad

Installation of the Act5 Key Pad will bring your new installation added security as you will be able to programme your own 4 digit security number to access your gates, as well as enabling visitors to enter your property using a release button inside your home.

All products offered by Fingal Engineering are solidly engineered and highly reliable. We ensure all installations are CE compliant and adhere to all current Health & Safety standards. All installations also comes with a two year parts and labour warranty.

All our products are solidly engineered and highly reliable and we ensure all installations are CE compliant and adhered to all current Health & Safety standard and all our installations come with a two year parts and labour warranty. Once installed, we can provide a preventive maintenance service to maintain the installation year upon year.

If you would like to have an access control system installed or are seeking more information regarding this product, contact us on (00353) 1 8417931 or using